Thursday, September 29, 2011

My photos

Seeing one of my personal heroes speak (1997)

First Cross-Country Tour

Scuba Diving (Koh Tao)

With 5 day old nephew (he'd squish me now)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Some of my favorite photos

This was taken when my Zakary, my nephew, was about three years old.  He was learning to ride the tricycle at the same time my father was learning to ride the unicycle.  I like this photo because they have a look of determination and it reminds me that it's important to continue challenging ourselves by learning new things throughout our lives.

This is my family celebrating Never's birthday.   Never was our second dog and we all liked her quite a lot.  I was home from university for the weekend and my older sister had driven up from Boston where she was working at the time. My family did  silly things like this sometimes and I think that's why I think it's always important to include play time  in our lives. .  

This was taken in 2004, after the first big snowstorm of our first winter together in New Hampshire.  We got about 60cm of snow in less than two days.  My wife was excited because it was still quite a new experience.  We made a snowman that was taller than either of us. After 5 years of snowstorms, my wife didn't enjoy them as much, but we'll always have fond memories of our first snowstorm.

This photo was taken last summer on a lovely August day.  First, my wife and I went out to Vietnamese restaurant and ate some tasty soup.  We then had some excellent Patbingsu (a shaved ice and red bean dessert).  We then walked all the way home (about 3km) on the lovely coastal walkways of Igidae.  It wasn't an amazing, exotic day of foreign travel, but when I think about what is a 'good day', I think about this day. 

When I was 20 years old, I took a semester off from university and decided to drive cross-country.  I didn't know where I'd wind up or what I would do when I got there.  It wound up being a wonderful adventure and real learning experience. I feel very fortunate that my parents supported me in my adventure.  My mother made the 'Somewhere or Bust' sign for me. 

Working as a butcher's assistant (summer of '88).
The first step toward becoming a vegetarian. 

With my nephew, Zakary, when he was a few days old.
He'd crush me now :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Media Video Sites for Language Learning

Busan KOTESOL Presentation

My Schedule

A Rainy Wednesday in Busan

My first Hot Potato Crossword

Made with Hot Potatoes

Diigo Guide

This was copied from
and modified.

This part is unnecessary on the PUFS laptops -it's already been done. I can skip this step and look below
Go to the Diigo Tools Page
Click 'Get it in Chrome extension gallery now'

and then install.

Once it is installed, you will see a blue 'd' in the upper right corner of your browser. Any time you want to bookmark a page, you can click book mark. If you'd like to highlight part of the page or create a sticky note, click those. You can also share this link via twitter, facebook, email, and/or create an annotated link.

Diigo Groups allow you to join other groups of people interested in the same kinds of sites as you. You can choose to keep bookmarks 'private' if you wish.
Go to the Learning CALL group page and click 'join this group'.

Message to owner is optional and you can choose how often you want to receive email notifications of new links to the group (you can change this later).

Once you've joined a group, when you bookmark a site, you can share you bookmarks more one or more of them when you click bookmark. Using relevant one word will help you organize your links later.

Other groups you may be interested in joining
Language Learning and Technology
Learning with Computer
EFL Classroom 2.0
Resources for Languages

To log out of Diigo, click the triangle nex to Feedback and 'Sign Out'. To see all of your bookmarks, click 'My Library'

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blogger is Google's blogging platform.  You can register for a blog at and your blog will be created at
Watch the screencasts below for an overview of Blogger and look further down for information about posting photos.

Blogger basics

Creating a Blogger Blo

Go to and sign in with your gmail ID and password.  This is the first screen you'll see.

Click 'continue' and set your language to 'English'.

 Click 'Create Your Blog Now'
 Choose any blog title you wish (it can be simple like Jeff's TTP Blog')
The Blog address will be more challenging.  You need to check availability for any address you choose. No spaces allowed.

When you have found one, click 'create blog' and you'll see this page.  Click which template looks nicest to you. This can be changed later.
 Click 'Start Blogging'

Creating a blog and posting

Controlling Blog privacy

Changing the appearance of your blog. 

To post photos on your blogger blog.

Create 'New Post' and choose the 'Componse' tab.  Then click the Image icon.

Select 'upload' and choose file. Find the file(s) on your computer.  You can select mulitple images if you like.  Then click 'Add Selected.

Once the photo has been loaded if you mouse over it, you can select the site, orientation (left center right), add a caption, or remove it.

Adding Gadgets to your Blogger Blog

From your Blogger Dashboard, click Design
Make sure your on the 'Page Elements' Tab
Click 'Add a Gadget' on the side bar

Look through the different categories, select gadgets of interest
Adjust settings if deisred. Then Click 'Save'. 
Click and drag the gadget into the order you want. 
Click Save again in the upper right. 

There is lots of  help information at:

Specific help can be found at the links below
You can see examples below of English teachers from around the world who have a blogger blog

Friday, September 9, 2011


These are the courses I'm taking as part of PUFS TTP 2011

What is Skype?

You can register for a skype account there and download the skype program here

In your skype window, click the 'contact' tab to see all of your contacts. The 'recent' tab will show all of your recent chats.
To add a new contact, type their name or ID into the skype search window.

Another window will pop up with results. Click 'Add Contact' to make that person a contact.

You can adjust setting (including your mic and headset) by clicking Tools/Options.

Any time you see a contact, you can RIGHT click and call that person, send IM (text chat), send a voicemail or a file.

When you are in a skype call, you can mute your mic, activated your video or see the text chat by clicking on the icons shown below.

You can also add others to the call, by clicking 'Add People', clicking their name and 'Add to call'.
If you'd like to hang up, click 'end call'.

When you're in a group chat that you'd like to access again, you can click the write icon (shown below) and change the name.