Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blogger is Google's blogging platform.  You can register for a blog at and your blog will be created at
Watch the screencasts below for an overview of Blogger and look further down for information about posting photos.

Blogger basics

Creating a Blogger Blo

Go to and sign in with your gmail ID and password.  This is the first screen you'll see.

Click 'continue' and set your language to 'English'.

 Click 'Create Your Blog Now'
 Choose any blog title you wish (it can be simple like Jeff's TTP Blog')
The Blog address will be more challenging.  You need to check availability for any address you choose. No spaces allowed.

When you have found one, click 'create blog' and you'll see this page.  Click which template looks nicest to you. This can be changed later.
 Click 'Start Blogging'

Creating a blog and posting

Controlling Blog privacy

Changing the appearance of your blog. 

To post photos on your blogger blog.

Create 'New Post' and choose the 'Componse' tab.  Then click the Image icon.

Select 'upload' and choose file. Find the file(s) on your computer.  You can select mulitple images if you like.  Then click 'Add Selected.

Once the photo has been loaded if you mouse over it, you can select the site, orientation (left center right), add a caption, or remove it.

Adding Gadgets to your Blogger Blog

From your Blogger Dashboard, click Design
Make sure your on the 'Page Elements' Tab
Click 'Add a Gadget' on the side bar

Look through the different categories, select gadgets of interest
Adjust settings if deisred. Then Click 'Save'. 
Click and drag the gadget into the order you want. 
Click Save again in the upper right. 

There is lots of  help information at:

Specific help can be found at the links below
You can see examples below of English teachers from around the world who have a blogger blog

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